Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Employee- your next brand ambassador

So you handle social media for a brand and you spend time by doing Google search “How to increase your Twitter followers?” or “How to make my Facebook post go viral”, how cute is that.
You can find 10,000 advice or tips on internet on how to increase the social following. Ok let me give you a very simple and easy way to increase your followers. Just get out of your office cubicle and look around in your own office. Can you see a bunch of living beings called employees, yes there it is the followers you are searching for.
Involving non marketing and sales employees in the mainstream marketing is still a road less traveled. But today when the meaning of phrase “Humans are a Social Animal” is more apt than ever I think it is time we start ACTIVATING our employees.
In this age of information “Everyone has a voice” and voice of an excited employee is the best branding a company can ask for.
Put your entire employee activation program into two parts- What you want Vs. What your employees want.
What you want: Map your needs
Let your employees be –
1) Your Focus group
2) Your Marketing team
3) Your brand ambassadors
4) Your corporate recruiters
5) Your sales team
What your employees want: Questions to ask
1) How much they know about the company they work for and what they want to know?
2) How they relate to the company and how can company contribute to their personnel brand?
How to get employees on board?
1) Make it look attractive. Give them a reason to believe that being part of the program lets them to part of something big and that in turn will enhance their own brand.
2) Let them contribute and let them shine.
3) Create a platform where they can contribute, listen and share seamlessly.
Thinks to keep in mind while choosing your first batch of employee advocates-
1) Which are the channels your employees most active on
2) Choose your pilot group based on how active they are on social media
And finally curate your content to be a balanced mix of what the employees are interested about and what is your goal from this program is.
What can you expect from this program?
1) Employees who are more connected to the company, which gives them a feel of ownership.
2) Your company is connected to a larger group of people through your employee. In future these connections can be your prospective customer or your next new hire.
I will end this with a simple thought – Social Media is like a house dog, if you feed it with good food and treat it well, it will be loyal to you and take care of you, but if you don’t treat it well it will come back to bite you.
This is from Piyush Prem